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Wizard of Flow

Hoop wicks

Hoop wicks

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Turn any hoop into a firehoop.  This super light wick attaches easily onto any hoop (or any tube, pole, staff, bike axle, etc).  The Quick Wick® allows you to change your firehoop size as your regular hoop size evolves.  

Use Quick Wicks® on different hoops, taped or sanded,  minis & LED hoops.  (note: this could void a warranty on an LED hoop)    Other ideas:  throw some on each end of a staff, onto a bike, a helmet, get creative. The paper-thin belt is virtually unnoticeable when hooping and the clamp does not get hot.


The main difference between our knot and the other offerings from Synergy, would be these are made with our pure kevlar and the shape is designed for multi hooping as the weight is slightly less than the crown knot while still being able to burn for nearly as long

  • Egg wick heads are about 1.25 inches "tall"
  • Spines are approximately 5 inches long from the outside of the tubing to the tip of the wick head.
  • Different clamp sizes available for all kinds of tubings
  • Weigh about 1.2 ounces.
  • Stainless Steel construction for the best resistance to rust.
  • Flexible cable-spine is rigid, like a rod, but springs back into shape when bent.
  • Designed to last several lifetimes if properly cared for.
  • Hand-made in North Carolina, U.S.A.  
  • A collaboration with Synergy and Wizard Of Flow 



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