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Wizard of Flow

Dragon Spines (for gora)

Dragon Spines (for gora)

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Spoke wicks for Dragon Staff Hubs.
Sold individually.


Wicks made from 100% pure Kevlar.

The spokes are made of 7075 space tech aluminum alloy, which allows 8mm diameter for the cross without sacrificing stability or impact resistance. Recommended for Gora Hubs; will fit other hubs but REQUIRES MORE ATTENTION

Spoke total length ~8 inches.

Wick Styles

Standard sushi-roll wicks.
Simply 50mm Kevlar wrapped and secured to the spoke.
Burn time ~4 minutes.
Weight ~55g

A turks weave tied around the regular sushi roll wick.
Significantly increases burn time of the regular wicks.

Dragon Tooths:
A proprietary Kevlar weave.
Aerodynamic diamond/teardrop shape.
~5+ minutes burn time.

Dragon Balls:
A proprietary Kevlar weave.
Sphere shaped wicks for nice aesthetic.
~5+ minutes burn time.

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