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Wizard of Flow

Practice / Mastery Triple Staves

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Carbon fiber juggling staves.
Sold as a set of 3. 
36" length over all


A set of 3 carbon fiber juggling staves.

PX4 knobs on the ends.  Optional extra end-weight by adding a silicone ball below Px4


Wrapped in a padded foam grip with an exterior layer of textured silicone.

Colored all white.


We have 3 choices for the thickness of our juggling staves (15mm, 16mm, and 18mm).

Thicker staves roll more quickly, and skinnier staves roll more slowly.

Thicker staves are easier on the hands when catching tosses because the impact force is spread out to a larger area.  With skinnier staves the impact force is concentrated in a smaller area.