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Wizard of Flow

Triple / Juggle Poi Set

Triple / Juggle Poi Set

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Extremely durable fire poi with long burn time.

Made with 100% pure Kevlar.


A proprietary design that we have perfected and tested over many years.


Regular size:
Diameter ~3 inches
Weight ~160 grams (dry)
Burn time ~8 minutes 

Large size:
Diameter ~3.5 inches
Weight ~190 grams (dry)
Burn time ~10 minutes 

Extra Large size:
Diameter ~4 inches
Weight ~275 grams (dry)
Burn time ~13 minutes 

Teardrop shaped fire poi.
Named avo-knot-o because of their semblance in size and shape to an avocado.
Weight ~170 grams dry
Burn time ~7 minutes 

Size ~3inch x 4inch inch
Weight ~210 grams (dry)
Burn time ~7 minutes 


Static rope from juggling calling, offer a stunning feeling, similar to Static ropes for Contact Poï.

Technora is a fire resistant rope that has replaced chains and is now the standard for quality fire props. It was discovered by Lantersmith 

Direct connect is recommended but we can also add quick link and or a swivel.



Play Knob 30g
PX4 6g
Ultra LED with WOF xl print 25g
WOF xL 12g
WOF Rtubby 10g
WOF Regular 8g

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