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Wizard of Flow

Spellbinder Dragon (Wizard of flows hexa hubs)

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The Spellbinder Dragon is a top-quality dragon with new light-weight innovations. Its Wizard of Flows hexa hubs provide superior performance and agility, making it a great choice for those looking for an efficient and powerful dragon.

Material is gold anodized 7075 aluminum to fit 22mm poles
Weigh in at 26g per hub. (w/o wicks) 

Our hubs are only compatible with 22mm hubs that are reenforced from the inside, we have designed our own connection for the spokes as well; our design requires each spoke to be inserted into the hub and then you the grub screw goes in, this is to prevent any rogue wicks. 
Silicone grip feature will be available shortly.


1- Goat grip,This is a 3mm-thick solid textured rubber that is known for its reliable grip over its long lifespan of up to one year with moderate use. At 60" long and 4.25$ per foot, one roll is enough to handle a staff. This is a great option for those who don't mind the extra weight and would like to save time on frequent regripping. The material is UV-resistant and can be wiped down with a damp, lint-free rag and a very light soap.

2- Wizard grip, This is a 2m open cell rubber material with a cotton matrix for structure integrity, this grip is easily damaged my sun light, this grip usually last about two months with moderate use but can last much longer if there is not alot of friction during use max length 68"about 2.5$ per foot one roll is enough to grip a staff, this is recommended for the light weight aspect cost for the grippyness is the highest with wizard. This is the only grip that will absorb sweat so it will stay grippy longer per performance. to clean we recommend light soap and lit free rag

3- Sage grip, This grip 1m is recommend to be used over existing grip as it is thin and could benefit from more cushion about 3$ per foot usually 7-12 feet to grip a staff, this is the most grip and it uv resistant, recommended for those who want the most grip in the most conditions