Our poi are hand-made and crafted from the highest quality materials.  They are macrame'd with 100% Kevlar wick and designed by spinners with a decade of experience and a deep passion for the art.

The tethers are made from long-lasting Technora rope which is spliced directly to the poi head without any hardware. 

You must add the poi tethers to your cart separately, as their own product.
To order a complete set of poi, add both poi heads and poi tethers to your cart.

The Surya poi line are all spherical knots.

The Avo-knoto poi are teardrop shaped.

The Bell Bottom poi are flat bottomed and shaped like a bell.



--You can contact us if you have any questions or if you have a custom request.
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Surya Sphere Poi
From $ 80.00
Avo-knot-o Poi
From $ 100.00
Bell Bottom Poi
From $ 90.00