Leen illusions

What is your favorite memory from the flow arts scene?

I will never forget my first flow festival. So ill flow in like 2015 or 2016. I was still fresh in the flow arts world and it blew my mind how insanely talented people are and how far you can go with props. It was inspiring and helped me grow as a flow artist immensely.


"Imagine how much more powerful this can be at a summer camp!"

Cedar Lim

What inspires you?

I’m inspired by flow styles that mix raw personality/emotion with fluid tech. I’m inspired by music that makes me feel things. Most of my favorite personal sessions are alone in my room, not recording, and just allowing myself to absorb whatever I’m jamming to, freely moving around without putting too much thought into it. I enjoy both the flow state and the technical components of this outlet, and having the creative freedom to make it my own. I’m forever inspired by this incredible community that I’ve been fortunate enough to become part of through flow arts.


Where do you see this art form in 5-10 years

I feel like it will slowly transform into something more mainstream, have a popular moment where every kid has an LED toy of some kind, and just like skating and other underground cultures that eventually grew bigger we will see some of the coolest and most insane tricks we've ever seen, watch kids do tricks we have never even heard of. I'm excited to see it!

Shelbey aka Fractal Flows