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Wizard of Flow

Fire Dragon Staff (NEW GORA HUBS)

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High quality fire dragon staff - made with lightweight and unbendable carbon fiber core, mounted with Gora's fire dragon staff attachments 22mm diameter pole.

Select from multiple styles of woven wicks.

There are 8 wicked spokes on the staff.  

You can choose to add practice dragon attachments to your order.  This will include the a set of Flowbonacci hubs that you can mount on your staff.


We offer 2 types of grips for your staff:

Wizard Grip:
The ultimate contact staff grip made from sustainable natural rubber.  It is light-weight, extremely grippy, and comfortable on the skin.  Absorbs sweat while maintaining very good traction.  Available in multiple colors, and as thin or double-thickness.  Requires replacing after about 1 season of use.  Prolonged UV-light exposure can degrade the natural rubber grip material.
View color options.

Goat Grip:
A dense and durable rubber with a gripping texture.  The benefit of this grip is extreme durability.  Never worry about needing to replace your staff's grip.  Available only in black.

Wick Styles

Wicking options change the weight of your dragon, If you want a fast and light dragon please choose regular or tooth variants.

Standard sushi-roll wicks.
Simply 50mm Kevlar wrapped and secured to the spoke.
Burn time ~4 minutes.
About 320g weight with hubs 

A turks weave tied around the regular sushi roll wick.
Significantly increases burn time of the regular wicks.
Adds 230g

Dragon Tooth:
A proprietary Kevlar weave.
Aerodynamic diamond/teardrop shape.
~5+ minutes burn time.
Adds 108g

Dragon Ball:
A proprietary Kevlar weave.
Sphere shaped wicks for nice aesthetic.
~5+ minutes burn time.
Adds 300g

Wick Pics



Dragon Tooth:

Dragon Ball: