Knobs, Handles and "Grips" Scroll down to read about each option

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Pom v2 -

Soft, ergonomic outer grip made from toothbrush handle rubber.

Ovo Grip - Lanternsmith designed these out of clay with Jonathan Alvarez a few years back to make a heavier version of PomGrips for gunslinging 

Widmar knobs -An alternative to standard silicone handles, the 3d printed knobs are much less grippy, making releasing a toss slightly easier Three sizes Standard, XL, Stubby

Play Knob -Excellent soft silicone knob, suitable for any kind of poi

Px3 POI KNOB- Made of a special thermoplastic rubber which is colorful and extremely durable. 

Henrys Delphin/classic -The tough EVA knob found on all Henry' clubs


All sold separately, Please add color option in the notes if we dont have the color we will let you know