Hoop Rewick

Regular price $ 42.00

Get your fire hoop rewicked with Egg shaped macrame wicks.  The egg shape is more aerodynamic than the typical wrapped wick, and there are no flat edges to cause snags while multi-hooping.  As with all Wizard wicks, there no exposed screws or wires in the wicking.

Completed wick weighs 50g.

Tied with 100% pure Kevlar, no fiberglass wicking.  

Currently only rewicking Synergy wicks, other style wicks are possible (please contact us).

Send only your removable wicks, not your entire hoop.
Package and send your wicks to:

Wizardtricks, LLC
53 Hidden Cove Rd
Leicester, NC 28748

** Receive a 10% discount if you clean soot and remove used Kevlar from your wicks before sending  (discount is refunded after we receive them) **