Gora Dragon Staff Hubs

Regular price $ 140.00

We are USA distributors for original Gora brand dragon staff attachments.  Convert your practice staff or fire staff into a fire dragon staff with this easy to install/remove attachment.  All metal pieces are machined with 7075 t-6 aluminum, the strongest aluminum available to the general public. 


Includes: two hub attachments, allen wrench, and 8 wicks with attachment spokes.


Customize the spoke wicks on your dragon:

- Fatty wicks add an extra ft. of kevlar to each spoke wick for longer burn time and larger flame size.

- Turks Head wicks are an over-under weave that is tied around the regular spokes. Adds fire and burn time and aesthetics.

-Dragon tooth and the Dragon fang wicks are their own wick on the spoke, the rounded shape allows for a more even flame for the longer duration they burn