Dragonstaff - Carbon fiber

Regular price $ 235.00

Carbon Fiber core with Gora detachable Dragon hubs.  Standard length is 5.5 feet unless you specify otherwise in your order notes.

There are 4 options for your carbon fiber core:

  • 20mm ~ 3/4 in.  (our preference)
  • 22mm ~ 7/8 in.
  • 22mm acro pole
  • 24mm acro pole

The acro poles have extra thick and reinforced walls so they can support your whole body weight during acrobatic moves - if you're into that kinda thing.

You also have the option to add wicks to the end of your dragon pole, making it a 10 wick dragon.  The end wicks can be smaller wicks to match the wicks on the dragon spokes, or we can make the end wicks large like those on a normal contact staff.

Oh yeah, another option... sometimes we get asked to fatten up the wicks on the spokes of the dragon staff for a longer burn time.  So now you can choose that when ordering.