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Wizard of Flow

Dragon Pole

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Just The Pole

A 22mm carbon fiber pole, and mounting points for Dragon Hub Attachments.  Dragon attachments sold separately.

If providing your own dragon hubs, then please write in the notes what type of hub so we can make sure it fits to the pole.


No end wick pole with goat weights around 450g~
Pole with end wicks will weight around 650g~
Designed for 
Gora hubs.
Also fits other hubs, but you must inform us in the notes of your hub type.

The hub mounting points are 8 inches from each end if you are wanting wicks, effectively "shortening" the inside space by 16 inches.  Keep this in mind when ordering.   


We offer 2 types of grips for your staff:

Wizard Grip:
The ultimate contact staff grip made from sustainable natural rubber.  It is light-weight, extremely grippy, and comfortable on the skin.  Absorbs sweat while maintaining very good traction.  Available in multiple colors, and as thin or double-thickness.  Requires replacing after about 1 season of use.  Prolonged UV-light exposure can degrade the natural rubber grip material.
View color options.

Goat Grip:
A dense and durable rubber with a gripping texture.  The benefit of this grip is extreme durability.  Never worry about needing to replace your staff's grip.  Available only in black.