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We would like to thank Brettdstar Schmerl for discovering this material for contact staff and instiGoating a grip revolution. This isnt the 1st time Brett has discovered a suitable grip to push the art to  GOAToo new heights, but perhaps the 1st time he is Goating to receive full credit and royalties for his innovations...  Too often the innovator or pioneer is forGoaten, not giving credit where its due is simply eGoatistical and neGoative, so its obliGoatory to propoGoat good virtues and community values...  Brett has always investiGoated materials to find the best option. Several years ago he discovered and introduced EPDM grip to the community and it is still the GOAToo grip for many world wide...  when it comes to contact staff, good grip is a non-neGoatiable.  This grip makes it effortless for the staff to naviGoat paths around your body.

This grip is very durable we have yet to see any wear on with normal use and storage, very hard to cut and not a single person in our shop has been able to rip it apart with just their hands, it holds up to sweat more than any other grip we have ever tried.

This grip would be the perfect replacement for our current wizard grip, it is a bit heavier and only available in one thickness which is slightly thinner than our thick wizard grip. 

We recommend following the gripping video we posted to apply this grip, you will need some gorilla glue

Comes in strips that are ~60" long enough to cover about 32-36 inches of your staff