Fire Staves

Our staffs are designed and built by full-time professional flow artists with a passion for contact staff. 

Until now, fire contact staffs have been built out of aluminum.  Even the best aluminum out available to the public (7075 t-6) is neither as light nor as rigid as carbon fiber.  3k Carbon fiber tubes are rated 300% to 400% higher strength per weight ratio than 7075 aluminum, as well as 350% more rigidity per weight .  Along with being stronger it is also unbendable.

We have designed and tested carbon fiber fire staffs that can outperform and outlast any aluminum contact staff.  We have used and tested our design in hundreds of burns in professional performances.  Wizard staffs are built for ultimate performance and durability; these are the staffs for the Pro's.

Lite Baller
From $ 162.00
The Baller
From $ 171.00
Big Baller Staff
From $ 180.00
From $ 300.00
Fire Tech Double Staffs
Regular price $ 175.00
Fire SOSC Bliss
From $ 300.00